1. Will A Vibrant, Healthy Lawn Improve Property Values?

    Curb appeal is paramount in selling your home, but how much does a turn-key lawn matter? If you’re trying to sell your home in the Lehigh Valley region, you know that median home prices are at an all-time high, which means that there is some healthy competition! And, with competition in selling your home, you have to offer something different — that uncommon aspect to your home could just be y…Read More

  2. Home Lawn Irrigation Systems

    Better determine the type of irrigation that makes sense for your Lehigh Valley lawn! The Lehigh Valley region is no stranger to moisture with humid summers and plenty of rainstorms, in addition to the much colder winters than usher in the snow. But, in the thick of the hot Pennsylvania summers, water is highly regarded for maintaining an emerald green patch of land — your lawn!  At Green Turf …Read More

  3. When Worms Collide

    Do you have lawn deterioration? Learn how worms could be the culprit! Upon reading the title of this article, you may be thinking, I thought worms didn’t harm the lawn! This is absolutely true for earthworms, but when it comes to armyworms and cutworms, they can greatly maim a healthy lawn.  If armyworms and cutworms are a concern to you, at Green Turf Care we provide grub control to the Lehigh…Read More

  4. Tackling The Brown, Patchy Areas Of Your Lawn

    Get them, before they get you (or your sanity)!   We all know them — the brown, patchy areas that crop up and ruin the lush, green aesthetics of the well-manicured lawn that we once had. And, what will the neighbors think?! If you’re struggling to contain a thinning lawn where the sparse areas are becoming more frequent, it’s time to call in backup!   At Green Turf Care, not only can we ma…Read More

  5. The Trouble With Moss

    When we think of weeds we often think of crabgrass and broadleaf, but moss is one of the most relentless and frustrating weeds that destroy our lawns! Combating weeds in the Lehigh Valley region is something to expect — with a beautifully humid and warm climate in the spring and summer months, a lawn that is already struggling is susceptible to lawn disease and weeds, especially moss.  Oftentim…Read More

  6. Lawn Restoration

    Whether you’re fighting pests and grubs or your lawn has succumbed to weeds, there are steps that can be taken to help restore your lawn. Can a lawn survive red thread, crabgrass, or dry, brown patches? When a lawn begins to show signs of distress, it’s vital that it’s addressed immediately or you may face a long, arduous road ahead of you trying to restore your lawn. But, it can be done! At…Read More

  7. prepare your lawn for aeration and overseeding

    How to Prepare Your Yard for Fall Aeration and Overseeding 

    The fall months are known for earthy colors, hoodies, and pumpkin-flavored desserts. They are also known for lawn care and maintenance, especially among homeowners.  After a hot summer, all that breeze and cool weather translate to excellent growing conditions for your yard. Dealing with any damage done in July and August, preparing for a cold winter, and setting your lawn up for a green spring a…Read More

  8. problem areas lawn

    How to Deal With These Two Common Problem Areas on Lawn Properties

    Bald, dry, and dead patches on a lawn may appear from time to time, even in the best-maintained yards. Often, the reason is obvious, but sometimes it can be something totally different and you can’t really explain what is going on.  If you notice dry and bald spots in your lawn, it is important to determine the cause and use measures to remove the problem. After that, you should repair the bare…Read More

  9. Growing Grass In Shaded Areas

    Oh, the possibilities of a healthy lawn — even in the shade! In the thick Lehigh Valley region, our yards are lined with deciduous trees that provide excellent shade, but they can make growing a full, healthy lawn in shaded areas quite the crusade! If you’re struggling to establish a healthy growth in shaded areas, we have some solutions for you! At Green Turf Care, we foster healthy lawns in …Read More

  10. The Complete Guide To Cool-Season Grasses

    Get a thorough understanding of the cool-season grasses that love Pennsylvania lawns! We’ve been covering a lot on turfgrass, because well, that’s what comprises your Pennsylvania lawn! Don’t miss these engaging articles including: Overseeding Your Lawn with Kentucky Bluegrass and Turf Type Tall Fescue    The Best Type Of Turfgrass To Plant In The Fall! The 11 Most Common Kinds Of Grass (…Read More