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Black medic weeds growing on a property in Allentown, PA.

Black Medic Weed Control in the Greater Lehigh Valley, PA area

Pre-and post-emergent weed control treatments are effective methods to fend off black medic growth in your lawn.

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Black medic weed control provided for residential and commercial properties in Allentown, Bethlehem, and surrounding Pennsylvania communities.

Black medic is a noxious weed commonly seen in lawns throughout the United States.

Black medic is a noxious and invasive weed that grows in lawns throughout the U.S., including areas in Pennsylvania. Regular lawn upkeep, especially a yearly aeration service, should deter any black medic infestation from appearing, but sometimes a pre-emergent is required to completely kill the weed.

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Black medic is often referred to as "yellow clover."

Yellow black medic weed blooms in Allentown, PA.

Many refer to black medic weeds as "yellow clover" because their blooms are tear-dropped shaped, similar to the blooms of a clover. These summer annual weeds have seed pods that turn black when they're ready to drop. Seeds are its only method of reproducing, so if all the black medic is removed before the seeds spread out and germinate, this can help eliminate all future weed growth.

Since black medic can survive through the winter, removing this stubborn weed should be done before it has a chance to overtake your lawn or flower beds in the spring.

Severe back medic growth is a sign of poor lawn health.

If you've started noticing an unusual amount of black medic growth in your lawn, then this is a sign of poor quality soil. Black medic thrives in compacted soil, which is why so much will grow near the roadside or sidewalks. Mowing your grass too short also contributes to excessive weed growth because the grass can't grow as strong.

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What are the best methods for removing black medic weeds?

Core or liquid aeration helps break up compacted soil so your lawn's root system can absorb more oxygen, water, and nutrients. Oftentimes, this is more than enough to remove the black medic while at the same time improving your lawn's overall health and appearance. Applying a layer of organic fertilizer will also amend the soil and add back vital nutrients to balance the pH levels and promote stronger grass growth.

If aeration treatments don’t remove all traces of the weed, we can apply an herbicide that will completely kill the black medic. A pre-emergent weed control treatment is performed in the spring before the black medic seeds have time to germinate fully.

Having trouble removing black medic weeds from your yard? Our lawn care treatments can solve your problem!

Black medic weeds growing in Emmaus, PA at a home property.

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