When you need lawn aeration and overseeding in Bethlehem, you need Green Turf.

Taking great care of your lawn seems fairly straightforward, and for the most part, it is. Most of the time, mowing and watering your lawn is all it takes to keep it looking great, but every so often, it needs a little extra love. For all of those times when your lawn needs a little something more, Green Turf can help. With our experts on your side, it’s easy to provide your lawn in Bethlehem with the professional services it needs to thrive, including aeration and overseeding.

Thicken your lawn with aeration and overseeding!

Both lawn aeration and overseeding are lawn care tactics that are vital if you want a thick, lush, and healthy lawn in the spring.

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Aeration needs to happen more frequently than most people think — some homeowners are even weary of doing it because it can be unappealing aesthetically, but as the little soil parts decompose and dissolve it’s amazing for your lawn’s health.

When the lawn is penetrated it addresses air circulation, nutrient uptake, and water retention. This is why aeration and overseeding go hand-in-hand.



Once your lawn has been appropriately and optimally aerated, overseeding can take place. Overseeding is when you plant grass seeds directly on your existing turf without ripping up any turf or soil. This is a great way to fill bare spots and give your grass a jump start to a thicker and greener grass.   


Overseeding is a great lawn treatment for a healthy and robust lawn and is especially helpful for disease- and insect-prone lawns.  


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Why are aeration and overseeding so important for your lawn?

At Green Turf, we believe that every lawn could benefit from regular aeration and overseeding services. Here’s why: over time, foot traffic, heavy machinery and lawn furniture can start to compact the soil. This makes it almost impossible for oxygen, water and nutrients to reach your lawn’s root system, where it can absorbed. Aeration helps to clear the way, so that your lawn can get what it needs. After aeration is complete, we’ll sprinkle five pounds of premium grass seed on your lawn. This is called overseeding, and it helps to ensure a thick, healthy lawn, and crowds out unsightly, nutrient-stealing weeds.

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There are many things you can do on your own to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful, and for everything else, there’s Green Turf. If you are ready to provide your lawn with the aeration and overseeding services it needs to thrive and be as healthy as possible, turn to the experienced team at Green Turf. In addition to affordable and professional service, we also provide a personal, 100 percent iron-clad, risk-free, double money back guarantee.

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