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A home in Bath, Pennsylvania with regular lawn care services.

Professional Lawn Care Services In Bath, PA

Looking for preventative and curative lawn care services for your home or business in Bath? Look no further!

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We offer a huge variety of the best lawn care services in Bath, Pennsylvania.

From fertilization to flea & tick control, we are your one-stop-shop for the top-rated lawn care services in Bath.

Bath is a borough located in Eastern Pennsylvania. Established in 1728, it was named after Bath, Somerset, England. Centuries later, the visitors and local residents enjoy the nature sounds of the babbling Monocacy Creek and the small-town businesses. Whether you have lived in Bath for years or are just passing through, the Bath Farmer's Market is a great place to visit for local, fresh products and friendly faces!

We are truly your one-stop-shop for lawn care services in Bath, Pennsylvania. We pride ourselves on the quality that we provide to our customers and we prove it with our strict money-back guarantee. Our team members are highly trained in many different services, ranging from fertilization to flea & tick control. Below are the comprehensive programs and services that we provide to homes and businesses in Bath.

Our Lawn Care Programs & Services

We provide a wide range of the most effective lawn care services for our customers in Bath, Pennsylvania. Our services and treatments are designed to create and keep your lawn looking fantastic throughout the year. These services include:

Premium Grass Seed

A home in Bath, Pennsylvania with a new lawn grown from premium seed.

The commercial-grade grass seed that we use for our own lawn care services is also available to you! Grass seed from your local home improvement store likely includes fillers and a mediocre seed variety. By purchasing your grass seed from us, you can be confident that you are receiving the highest-quality seeds for your lawn.


Bath, Pennsylvania home lawn with regular fertilization services.

Our 6-step organic fertilization program stretches from early spring all the way to late fall. Our treatments are based on the time of the year, giving your grass the needed amount of nutrients based on the current weather and the upcoming season. Our fertilization program is paired with weed control in order to ensure that the weeds on your lawn don't steal the nutrients from your grass and plants.

Routine Weed Control

Broadleaf weeds growing in a lawn in Bath, Pennsylvania.

Paired with our fertilization services, our routine weed control program protects your lawn from early spring to late fall with pre and post-emergent applications. Weeds not only steal nutrients from your grass and plants but they also affect your lawn's pH levels, so eliminating them is crucial for the health of your lawn. Broadleaf and crabgrass weeds are extremely common in Bath.

Lime Treatments

We offer our lime treatments as an add-on service to our fertilization program. Lime treatments help regulate your lawn's pH levels to optimize its growth. Signs that the pH level of your grass is thrown off include lawn moss, weeds, and yellowing grass.

Core Aeration

Stinger lawn aeration equipment prepared for a core aeration job in Bath, Pennsylvania.

Heavy foot traffic and heavy machinery such as lawnmowers lead to compacted soil which leads to weaker grass blades and bald spots throughout your lawn. Our core aeration service is performed in the fall after all of the activity of the spring and summer months. We poke many small holes throughout your lawn, pulling up small cores of soil. Sunlight, water, and essential nutrients are then able to reach your grass roots much easier than before, leading to healthier growth.

Liquid Aeration

Our liquid aeration service is offered in the springtime after your lawn emerges from its winter dormancy. Since your grass is weaker than usual after those cold winter months, we use a gentler aeration process than our core aeration. Liquid aeration is different in that it is powered by potassium hydroxide, fracturing your soil and loosening it up to absorb more nutrients instead of removing cores of soil throughout your lawn.


Lawn overseeding equipment at a home property in Bath, Pennsylvania.

Overseeding is the process of spreading seeds throughout your existing lawn, giving it a chance to grow new grass blades and resulting in a thicker lawn. This service is best paired with aeration in the fall to ensure that our commercial-grade seeds have the best chance at soil contact and germination.

Our curative services include pest, disease, and weed control.

  • Pest Control: In Bath, we see a lot of armyworms, bluegrass billbugs, and chinch bugs. These pests rapidly eat your grass and won't stop until they are taken care of. Other common pests such as fleas and ticks need to be eliminated immediately, not just for the health of your lawn, but for the health of your family and pets as well. Our experts are trained to identify the type of pest that is invading your lawn and we take care of the problem so that you don't have to think twice about it.
  • Disease Control: Once disease or fungus grabs ahold of your lawn, it's time to act fast. Common diseases and fungi that lawns in Bath deal with are red thread, dollar spot, leaf spot, and rust. Our crew is highly trained to identify and act fast to save your lawn from dying. To protect your grass from disease and fungus, it's important to routinely treat your lawn with services such as aeration and overseeding.
  • Weed Infestations: If your lawn doesn't have any preventative treatments for weeds throughout the year, chances are your lawn will need a curative treatment. As soon as you notice that certain weeds are starting to take over your lawn, call us. Our experts are trained to identify the type of weed and offer solutions based on that knowledge. In Bath, common weed infestations include crabgrass, creeping bentgrass, Japanese stiltgrass, nimblewill, and more.

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It is so important to keep on top of your lawn care needs. The programs that we offer are great preventative options to ensure that you never have to call us for our disease and infestation services. If you end up needing them, though, our experts will help you create a plan of action to get your lawn back on track to growing strong, lush, and green. If your home or business in Beth, Pennsylvania needs any of our lawn care services or programs, get in touch for a lawn care quote by giving our office a call at (484) 452-3595.

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