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Residential property that receives regular lawn care treatmenats.

#1 Fertilization & Lawn Care Company In Alburtis, PA

Along with premier fertilization and weed control, we perform other lawn care services like aeration and overseeding.

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Expert fertilization and weed control company in Alburtis, PA and the surrounding areas.

In addition to fertilization and weed control, we offer other lawn care services like pest and disease control.

Alburtis, PA is an area in Lehigh County that is home to around 2,600 people. It rests in the East Penn School District and is a suburb of Allentown. Residents enjoy access to attractions like Hunsicker's Grove and Lock Ridge Park, which contains natural sights like the Swabia Creek.

If you live or work in Alburtis, PA or a surrounding area, our expert fertilization and weed control company is available to serve you. In addition to fertilization and weed control, we offer other lawn care services like core aeration and pest and disease control. Learn more about how we care for residential, commercial, and HOA lawns below.

We Administer Fertilization & Weed Control Treatments Throughout the Year

Residential property in Alburtis, PA that we fertilize and treat for weeds.

We apply fertilization and weed control treatments throughout the groing seasonso your grass achieves optimal growth. Our lawn care program consists of six steps. Beginning in early spring, we will administer slow-release fertilizers. In early summer, summer, early fall, and late fall, we will continue to administer balanced, slow-release fertilizers so we don't overwhelm your lawn. In late fall, we will complete our fertilization schedule with a winterizer treatment to prepare your lawn for the winter.

In addition to fertilization, we also offer weed control on a routine basis. We mainly use pre-emergent crabgrass control and broadleaf weed control products to effectively target unwanted weeds in your lawn in Alburtis.

Learn more about these services that are offered together as part of our lawn care program:

We Strengthen Your Lawn Through Core Aeration, Liquid Aeration, & Overseeding Services

To strengthen your lawn, we perform the following services:

When we perform core aeration, we use an aerator to poke holes in your lawn. Through this technique, your lawns roots have better access tonutrients, sunlight, and water. We always recommend overseeding to be performed after core aeration, as new grass seed will be able to establish itself better on a freshly aerated lawn.

Liquid aeration achieves the same goals as core aeration, but it involves a gentler approach. Rather than using a machine to poke holes in your lawn, we administer a potassium hydroxide treatment that breaks up tightly-packed soil.

Pest, Insect & Disease Control Services Promote Your Lawn's Health

Grubs causing damage to a lawn at a home in Alburtis, PA.

We offer the following pest and disease lawn care services to promote your lawn's health:

Whether your lawn in Alburtis has fallen victim to disease or needs to be eradicated of grubs, fleas, ticks, or chinch bugs, our lawn care providers can help.

Does your lawn need fertilization, aeration, or other lawn care services? Reach out to us today.

If your lawn needs fertilization, aeration, or other lawn care services, our team can help. We serve residential, commercial, and HOA properties in Alburtis, PA and the adjacent communities. Reach out to us today at (484) 452-3595 to get a quote.