With nearly a decade of lawn care experience combined with a passion for quality service, our lawn care company provides the best services in Macungie. We started this business for the customer, and we have created a lawn care company in Macungie that allows you to have full confidence in everything we do. Our drive to exceed our client’s expectations, whether on the job or on the phone means that we offer a combination of benefits that the other guys just don’t:

Evaluate Your Current Lawn Care Company

  • Are your current lawn care company’s prices fair and competitive?
  • Can they handle all of your lawn care needs, or do you need multiple companies?
  • Is their quality first rate?
  • Do they have supervisors that constantly spot check the work?
  • Do they guarantee their lawn care service in writing and are they prepared to back it up?
  • Are they easily contacted and quick to attend to your needs?
  • Do they take credit cards?
  • Are they timely?
  • Are they licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture?
  • Are they available year round, anytime you need them?
  • Do they notify you when there will be weather delays?
  • When they see issues around your yard do they make recommendations?
  • Can you trust this lawn care company?
  • Are you happy with them or do you just tolerate them?
  • Is their customer service and product so good that you tell your friends about them?
  • Do they protect you with business insurance?

Experience a lawn treatment that produces a verdant lush lawn that the whole neighborhood will covet!

Green Turf: Your Trusted Lawn Care Company

Working with Green Turf ensures that you can answer yes to every single one of these questions. Why not work with the lawn care company that not only has the experience but has a trusted reputation as well. Find out why we’re Macungie’s Top Rated Local® lawn care company and get started on the path to a green lawn today!

How To Choose an Exceptional Lawn Care Company


Lawn care companies, especially in the state of Pennsylvania, are in high demand, so how do you know you’re going to get efficient and effective lawn treatments from a reputable company who is client-focused?


At Green Turf Care, we stand out in our industry because not only do we lead in our actions — providing a green, full lawn — but we deliver great customer care time and time again.


There is one thing, however, that we do differently — we focus on the health of your lawn all year round. So, instead of just seeing us in the spring and summer months, we’ll be partnering with you and building a relationship through each season that produces a thick, lush lawn in the warmer seasons.


So, how do you choose an exceptional lawn care company?


Begin here!


Get to know the company you’ll be partnering with.

Time spent researching the company you’ll work with goes a long way. Double check for red flag signs, things such as:

  • No website
  • No physical location
  • Bad reviews
  • No recommendations

The above are tell-tale signs that you should avoid lawn care companies of the like. As you continue your search, look at their website and look for positive reviews and website badges such as Top Rated Local ™ as good indicators.


Decide exactly what you require in lawn treatment.

Perhaps you enjoy spending time mowing and caring for your lawn or you would rather have a full-service landscaping company tend to your outdoor space, either way, know what you need before scheduling.

It’s also important to know what kind of products the company uses, so if you want to go more the natural and organic route, ensure they can provide them.


Inquire about prices.

Make sure you understand every aspect of their services and how they charge for them. Is there a contract? Is their work guaranteed? All of this information is relevant and important to the fees you pay.  


Ask for references.

It never hurts to ask for documentation such as references or if they’re licensed and insured. With references, you’ll have a better idea of the work they do and with licenses and insurance, you can rest assured that is anything happens on your property during time of service (an employee is injured or a fence post gets broken) they are able to cover the damage.

With an abundance of lawn treatment companies in the area, it can be difficult trying to choose who to partner with. So, do a little leg work and you’ll end up with a company and with lawn care services that you love.

Save yourself time, money, and energy when you begin treating your lawn now! From a slow release fertilizer in the spring and summer to a balanced fertilizer in the fall that all act upon the living organism that your grass is to ensure a healthy and vibrant lawn in the warmer weather!

For exceptional lawn treatments that take a season-by-season approach, connect with us today!

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